About Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 5 is the fifth season of Bigg Boss.

Since Salman Khan talked to each contestant individually and showed them a mirror during evictions, everybody in the house seems depressed and gloomy. The housemates state that after the grilling session, they will not do anything in the house except actively participate in the activities. In the pink bed, Amar and Pooja Misrra are seen bitching about Juhi and her self-centeredness, continuing their gloomy mood.

The next day begins with an upbeat song called "Crazy Kiya Re," to which none of the contestants seem to be performing. It's going to be a lazy morning at home. Amar and Sky are seen in the kitchen cooking breakfast and debating Symonds. Amar claims that seeing Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, Kapil Dev, or Bhajji in the house would have piqued his interest. Read about Bigg Boss 15.

Symonds and Pooja Misrra are soon asked to lease the home, despite the fact that they were not contestants but rather show guests. When Andrew is getting ready for Pooja Misrra, Sidharth finds time to speak with Symonds, who tells Sidharth to play the game sensibly from now on, behave a bit more maturely, and follow all of Salman's advice. Sunny and Amar tell Pooja Misrra that this time she should strut out with her head kept high as she packs her belongings. When the two are going, Juhi asks Symonds to reenact ‘Aati kya Khandala,' which Andrew does flawlessly this time, to the delight of all the contestants.

As the day continues and eviction nominations are made, a toxic vibe begins to pervade the house. The trio - Juhi, Sunny, and Sky - are seen bitching about Amar and the double games he has been playing, while Amar and Sidharth are seen bitching about Amar and the double games he has been playing. Sky approaches Amar and asks him what games she is going to play, to which Amar responds that he is not here to make friends or form relationships, but rather to play a game, which he is currently doing. He admits to playing games and is very forthright about it.

At the end of the day, Bigg Boss declares that, since there are only 5 contestants in the house, they will all sit together in the Pink Bed, while the Green Room remains closed. Sky, Sunny, and Juhi are seen complaining, but Amar seems to be pleased, as he sees this as a lesson for the trio, who would never have had to leave their green room to come.

Juhi, Sunny, and Sky are seen seated at the dining table, missing all the fun they had in the Green room with Pooja Bedi and how they would just cuddle up in the quilt and chat forever.

Sidharth and Amar are seen sitting in the garden, debating how Sky's relationship with Amar is phony and nothing more than a show for Sky. Sky, on the other hand, is seen telling Sunshine that Amar and Sidharth are after her and that she must leave immediately.

As the day draws to a close, we see Sunny and Juhi have a conversation with the camera in which Sunny enacts throwing all the boys out of the house and surviving until the end of the show, claiming that women are no less than men and are capable of winning the competition.